How To Build A Dredge Pump?

Dredge pump assembly process

1.Bearing assembly

The bearings used for the dredge pump are generally domestic bearings, and the lubrication system is thin oil. If the user has special requirements, they can be selected according to the requirements

(1) Precautions for bearing assembly

① Qualified bearings must be used

② Check the inner diameter, outer diameter, width of the bearing, parallelism of the two end faces of the raceway, surface roughness, rust, spots and other defects, and whether the rotation is flexible

③ For angular contact bearings and double row self-aligning bearings, check the bearing clearance, find out the center of the raceway, and check whether the pad is added

④ When assembling the removable bearing, it must be installed according to the alignment marks of the inner and outer rings, and it shall not be installed disorderly

5 for bearings with adjustable head assembly, the numbered end shall be outward during assembly for identification

(2) Shaft assembly

① In order to avoid seizing with the mating surface, apply a layer of lubricating oil on the mounting surface in advance before assembly to protect the shaft hole from damage

② The bearing shall be installed by hot installation method. Put the bearing into the heating box containing oil and heat it to 80-100 ℃ with the oil. All its mating surfaces shall be immersed in the oil, and the oil temperature shall not be too high

After hot charging, it shall be cooled naturally without sudden cooling to avoid damage

Install the rear bearing first, then install the retaining sleeve and round nut and press the bearing tightly

Check whether the bearing is close to the shaft, and the rotation shall be flexible and stable

Then install the bearing housing

Then install the front bearing and the sealing ring on the bearing housing

Finally, install other parts on the shaft section

2. For the bracket part

(1) clean the joint surface between the bracket body and the bracket cover, evenly apply sealant on the joint surface of the bracket body, place the pad on the bracket body and tighten the stud bolts

(2) Assemble the shaft assembly with the bracket, lift both ends of the main shaft and put them into the matching hole of the bracket, lift the bracket cover, apply sealant on the joint surface of the bracket, and close the bracket cover

(3) Install the oil seal on the front bearing pressure cover, pad the green shell paper, install it on the shaft and connect it with the bracket with bolts

(4) Install the water deflector and removal ring

(5) Install the adjusting bolts and fastening bolts on the bearing housing

(6) Install the pump coupling or pump pulley. In order to protect the mechanical seal from being damaged by impact force, the coupling or pulley must be driven before installing the mechanical seal

3. The third step of slurry pump assembly is the installation of pump casing and rear guard plate

(1) Install the pump casing on the bracket

(2) Install the sealing rubber ring on the shaft sleeve and install it on the shaft, and then install the packing gland and water sealing ring on the shaft sleeve

(3) Install the stuffing box, install the sealing ring in the groove, install the auxiliary impeller sealing ring and install the auxiliary impeller

(4) First install the rear guard double studs, lift the rear guard with lifting tools, install it on the rear pump housing, and tighten the nuts

4. Install the impeller

Install the impeller on the shaft and tighten and compact the auxiliary impeller

5.Install the rear guard seal ring

Lift the sheath with the sheath lifting tool, assemble it on the rear guard plate, install the connecting bolts and clamping plate of the pump casing, and adjust the volute outlet, the assembly of the front pump casing and the front guard plate

Place the front pump housing on the ground with a high pad, install the front guard plate into the stud bolts, lift it into the front pump housing and fasten it with the front pump housing

Install the front guard seal ring and the front pump housing eyebolt

Lift the front guard plate and the front pump housing, and push the conical outer circle of the front guard plate into the conical hole of the sheath

Adjust the clearance between the front guard plate and the impeller to 0.75-1mm

6. Install inlet and outlet short pipes and other accessories such as couplings or pulleys

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