5 Advantages To Choose Submersible Sand Pump

The submersible sand pump is an integrative sand pump with submersible motor and pump. In addition to the main impeller, a set of mixing impeller is added at the bottom of the pump, so that it can independently extract sand without the help of other auxiliary equipment. Unlike the horizontal sand pump, it needs to be equipped with high-pressure water to pump sand normally.

Advantange of submersible sand pump

Advantage 1: flexible movement and convenient use. The volume and weight of submersible sand pump may be only 1 / 3 of that of horizontal sand pump under the same output and conveying distance. Put it into water when using, and lift the pump when not using. The picture on the left shows the suspended submersible sand pump, and the bottom is the mixing impeller.

Advantage 2:supporting floating body is simple, reducing your initial investment. Because of its small volume and convenient operation,  submersible sand pump also has a much smaller floating platform, which can greatly save costs.

Advantages 3, energy saving, mute. Everflowing submersible sand pump is driven by motor, which is more economical than diesel. When working, the motor and pump are underwater, almost no noise.

Advantages 4: high wear resistance and stable performance. The flow passage parts of Everflowingsubmersible sand pump are made of high chromium alloy. The wear resistance of the flow passage parts is good, which can ensure the long-term stable operation of the equipment and create better benefits

Advantages 5: can be used in deep water

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