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Sand pumps are specially designed for pumping sand from mining.

Pumping construction sand: pumping sand from rivers, seas, etc.
Construction sand is a building material in high demand. Using a sand pump to pump sand is an efficient and economical method
Mining: mining sand and tailings transportation
Marine engineering: land reclamation, infrastructure construction of docks and offshore structures.
Dredging: dredging rivers, waterways, ports, and docks.
Construction: Cleaning foundation pits, caissons, and steel sheet piles.
Municipal engineering, sewage treatment: sediment cleaning in sewage pits, sedimentation tanks, etc.
Industrial enterprises: transportation of steel slag, water slag, coal slime,  in steel plants, coal mines, etc.
Sand washing field, coal washing plant: transportation of sand, coal slime, and other slurries

What Are The Problems With Sand Pumping and Dredging?

Sand and gravel is abrasive,which can cause premature wear and reduced efficiency in pumps that are not designed for the heavy-duty operation. Additionally, the corrosive nature of these materials can cause equipment damage over time, requiring frequent repairs and maintenance.

High-density suspended solids in pumped fluids may cause blockage of pumps and pipes. This creates additional challenges when pumping these materials.

Wear-resistant and Non-clogging
Reducing Downtime and Maintenance Costs

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However, the Everflowing Sand Pump offers solutions to these challenges with its innovative design. Everflowing sand pumps are manufactured from highly wear-resistant materials to handle sand and gravel with ease, and their unique wide flow channel design allows for pumping higher solids contents.
Unlike traditional centrifugal pumps, the Everflowing Sand Pump is anti-wear and anti-clog, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. Ensure efficient and reliable operation, minimizing downtime and costly repairs

Everflowing Pumps is a trusted sand pump machine manufacturer with more than 20 years experience in creating high-quality dredging solutions for various industries.

Our sand pump machines come in a range of sizes and designs to meet the unique needs and budget of our clients. From small sand pump machine to large custom-designed sand pump machine, we offer a wide range of options to choose from.

Our experienced designers and engineers leverage the latest technologies to create sand pump machines for dredging. We use different types of sand pumps,platform, power pack to make sure that our sand pump machines stand out from the competition.

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Efficient and Cost-effective Pumping Sand Solution

Pumping sand through pipelines offers a significantly more efficient and cost-effective solution compared to traditional truck transportation methods.


  1. Speed and Efficiency: Pumping sand through pipelines allows for a continuous flow of material, which significantly speeds up the transportation process compared to trucking. Trucks have limited capacity and are subject to traffic congestion, road conditions, and loading/unloading times, whereas pipelines can transport large volumes of sand consistently and quickly.

  2. Reduced Labor and Equipment Costs: Operating a pipeline system for sand transportation requires fewer laborers and equipment compared to managing a fleet of trucks. With pipelines, once the infrastructure is in place, the process becomes largely automated, reducing ongoing operational expenses.

  3. Lower Environmental Impact: Pumping sand through pipelines produces fewer emissions compared to truck transportation, contributing to lower carbon footprint and reduced air pollution. Additionally, pipelines minimize land disturbance and habitat destruction associated with building and maintaining roads for truck transportation.

  4. Cost Savings: Over the long term, pumping sand through pipelines can result in significant cost savings compared to truck transportation. While the initial investment in pipeline infrastructure may be higher, the lower operational costs, reduced maintenance, and longer service life of pipelines often outweigh the expenses associated with trucking.

Types of Sand Pump Machine

Sand pumps are the most effective equipment for sand mining operations, dredging projects, sand hydraulic transportation. Sand is carried by the flow of water to transport solids through pipes and often involves working in sensitive or harsh conditions. The sand suction pump has the characteristics of high efficiency, wear resistance, and long-distance transportation, and is very suitable for sea sand, river sand, ore sand, mud, sludge and other objects.

Efficient Horizontal Sand Pump for Reliable Sand Suction

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Horizontal Sand Gravel Pump

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WN Sand Dredge Pump

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High Head Dredge Booster Pump

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horizontal electric dredge pump

Electric Sand Pump Set

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Vetical Sand Dredge Pump

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Electric Submersible Sand Dredging Pump

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Submersible Agitator Sand Pump

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Hydaulic Submersible Sand Pump

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How to Choose Suituable Sand Pump?

Supporting Power

Industrial electricity or generators can power sand pumps. Alternatively, diesel engines or hydraulic stations can be used.

Horizontal Electric Dredge Pump

Efficient Horizontal Sand Pump for Reliable Sand Suction

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Submersible Agitator Sand Pump

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Vetical Sand Dredge Pump

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sand suction pump

Efficient Horizontal Sand Pump for Reliable Sand Suction

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Hydaulic Submersible Sand Pump

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Installation Type

There are different of sand pumps installation types to choose from,  Each type has its advantages and limitations.

Electric Submersible Sand Dredging Pump

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Hydaulic Submersible Sand Pump

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Determining the Application: Identify the purpose of the sand pump. Is it for dredging, mining, construction, or another application? Understanding specific requirements will help in choosing the appropriate pump.

Material Compatibility: Consider the type and particle diameter of the material you need to pump. Sand pumps can handle abrasive materials like sand, gravel, silt, and slurry. Ensure the pump you choose is compatible with the material you’ll be handling.

Work Requirements: Determine the required flow rate (material volume per unit time), dredging depth, discharge height, and distance. This information will help in selecting a pump that can deliver the necessary performance.

Efficiency: Look for a pump with high efficiency to minimize energy consumption and operating costs. Efficiency may vary depending on factors such as design, size, and speed.

Size and Capacity: Choose a pump with the appropriate size and capacity to meet your requirements. Consider factors such as pump size, power, and discharge diameter.

Operating Environment: Evaluate operating conditions such as temperature, pressure, and environment. Consider factors like corrosion resistance and durability to ensure the pump is suitable for the installation environment.

Reliability and Maintenance: Select a pump from reputable manufacturers known for producing reliable and durable equipment. Additionally, consider maintenance convenience and spare parts availability.

Budget: Consider your budget constraints when selecting a sand pump. Balance initial costs with long-term operating costs and the expected lifespan of the pump.

Consult Experts: If you’re unsure which pump is best suited for your application, consult pump manufacturers or experts in the field. They can providuable insights and recommendations based on your specific needs。

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Sand Pump Application

Everflowing sand pumps are ideal for a variety of applications, including dredging rivers, canals, lakes, ponds, reservoirs, dredging ports, wharfs, dredging sand from tailings, removing slag and dust from steel plants, power plants, coal mines, etc.

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Everflowing Pumps is a world-leading manufacturer of sand pumps, specializing in the production and customization of various types of sand pumps to meet the diverse needs and requirements of our customers. Our expertise lies in developing sand pumps tailored to different operating conditions and specifications.

Our range of sand pumps includes electric sand pumps, hydraulic sand pumps, and diesel engine sand pumps, catering to various power requirements. We offer both horizontal and vertical sand pumps, allowing flexibility in pump shaft installation. Additionally, our pumps are designed for different mounting configurations, including dual-purpose pumps suitable for both land and marine applications, submersible sand pumps, and excavator-mounted sand pumps.

With a commitment to excellence and innovation, we continuously strive to deliver high-quality sand pump solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations

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Ready to Get the Perfect Sand Pump?

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1. Product selection, program design

According to the project, select the appropriate products and design the construction program

2. Customized personalized products.

3. Technical service

Real-time online support including email, chat to assist in responding to customer queries.

4. Installation and commissioning services can be provided for some products as needed.

5. Long-term provision of accessories, technical support.

Sand Pump FAQ

sand pump is a impurity pump specifically designed to handle abrasive fluids containing high concentrations of solids such as sand, gravel, silt, or other sediments.

It is commonly used in dredging operations, sand mining, construction sand, and other industries requiring the removal of fluids containing solid sediment.

Sand pumps feature robust construction and wear-resistant materials to withstand the erosive effects of the abrasive solids being pumped.


Horizontal sand pump

Submersible sand pump

Vertical sand pump

Wet parts are made of high wear resistant alloy.

We offer a variety of standard dimensions for our sand pumps, including small, medium, and large sizes. However, we can also provide custom sizes as per the specific requirements of our customers.

Yes, we can provide custom sizes for our sand pumps. Our team of experts can work closely with customers to determine the appropriate dimensions based on their unique needs.

We offer wide range options for our sand pumps. Customers can also choose suituable pump depending on their work condition and requirements.

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