Why is Goodwin submersible slurry pump different from other slurry pumps?

Outstanding durability, strength and reliability make Goodwin submersible slurry pumps unique.

Goodwin slurry pumps are designed for extreme environments.

  1. Double volute pump casing:To balance the load on the pump shaft,bearings and mechanical seal, Goodwin use a twin volute casing,reducing vibration andextending the life of all component partsespecially the mechanical seal.
  2. Cooling of the Motor Housing:The Goodwin slurry pump benefits from forcedconvection cooling by nature of the pumped fluid passing around the motor housing before it leaves the pump. This allows thepump to run all day even if it is run dryin fresh air (when other pumps would overheat and burn out) or even if it is only semi-submerged without over heating.This is an integral part of the design and makes the option of additional motor cooling a redundant expense.
  3. High quality bearings: Using high-quality bearings ensures reliable and smooth operation, which helps to extend the service life.The oversized bearing design greatly extends the service life of the pumping of high gravity sludge
  4. Durable wet components: Wet components are designed for durability and can resist wear and corrosion even in challenging mud applications.For extreme wear conditions, high wear resistance, high chrome alloy materials provide the customer with excellent component life
  5. Cable:The electric steel is provided between double layered rubber, which greatly improves the cable resistance capability Wire connections with IP68 cable joint to achieve a double layer glue out of the inside and outside double seal, completely identifying the possibility of water entering the electric interval
  6. Non Pressured Mechanical Seal:The pump is equipped with an advanced sealing system, and the redesigned mechanical sealing system no longer bears the working pressure of the submersible slurry pump.Dives up to 28 meters underwater. The mechanicalseal of the explosion-proof heavy-duty submersiblediving, while other similar products are subjectedto both static water pressure and pumping pressure.This unique design significantly reduces theprobability that the pumping medium will enterthe motor chamber and cause damage to the motor.Mechanical seals mounted directly under the lowerbearings provide maximum support and shockprotection from sturdy lower bearings.
  7. Efficient performance: Designed specifically to achieve optimal efficiency, ensuring reliable and consistent pumping while minimizing energy consumption.
  8. Optimized open impeller: The impeller is carefully designed to achieve optimal fluid dynamics, ensuring high efficiency and performance under various conditions.Closed impeller designs can clog flow because the impeller is stuck with large solid particles Open impellers can completely avoid the risk, the realization of suction slurry will certainly be able to pump out
  9. High concentration solid processing capacity: capable of processing slurries with concentrations ranging from 20% to 30%.
  10. Powerful mud processing capability: Designed specifically for underwater operations, skilled in handling abrasive and viscous mud mixtures in industries such as mining, construction, and chemical processing.
  11. Advanced motor cooling method: The motor cooling method adopts cooling jacket, and the medium mechanism can prevent overheating and maintain consistent performanceThe heavy duty submersible sludge pumps benefit from the forced convection cooling that occurs when the delivery media surrounds the outside of the motor syring chamber This will allow long term operation without over eating under semi submersible or even non submissive conditions exposed to air (motors from other products will over eat or even) This overall design and manufacturing will significantly reduce the cost of external cooling systems for motors compared to other designsMaximum slurry temperature: Even under immersion conditions, it can handle slurry temperatures up to 90 degrees Celsius without the need for additional cooling.
  12. Anti overload motor: The motor design eliminates overheating issues and allows for direct online starting in deposited solids.
  13. Impressive solid handling capability: Goodwin pump features a sturdy design that performs well in handling solids, making it suitable for applications that require effective management of solid containing fluids.
  14. Detachable discharge elbow: This design includes a detachable discharge elbow for easy maintenance and installation.
  15. Effective agitator: The additional agitator design can promote effective mixing and suspension of solids, making it very suitable for handling challenging slurries.The stirring agitator emits a powerful hydraulic shock wave under the pump, causing the deposited solids to flow again.In the process of stirring when the igniter touches large solid particles, in order to reduce the flexible deformation of bending on the shaft, the design of the igniter closer to the lower bearing is adapted
  16. Optional external agitator: Crush and stir the precipitated solids, pump high solid content slurry.
  17. Explosion proof design optional: Explosion proof motors can prevent fires in the presence of explosive gases or particles, ensuring equipment and environmental safety.
  18. Widely applicable: Suitable for various industrial environments, including mining, wastewater treatment, refineries, and other environments with explosive substances, ensuring high safety standards.
  19. Customization options: The pump can be customized according to specific application requirements, providing different flow rates, structural materials, and motor sizes.


Goodwin pump is a versatile solution suitable for a wide range applications, including but not limited to mining, industrial processes, wastewater treatment, and other demanding environments where the reliable handling of slurry and solids is essential. Its robust construction and advanced features make it a reliable and cost-effective alternative slurry pump, providing consistent performance and durability.

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