Submersible Dredger

The submersible dredger is an innovative underwater excavation and dredging equipment that operates beneath the water’s surface. Its design and components are optimized for effective removal and transportation of sediment. The submersible dredger features a submerged pump platform, equipped with a pump system, cutter mechanism, and control system. This platform enables the dredger to efficiently clear sediment underwater.

Electric Submersible Dredger

Electric Submersible Dredger

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Operation: An electric submersible dredger is powered by electricity, typically through a cable connected to an external power source.

Design: This dredger is specifically designed to operate efficiently and safely underwater using electric motors and equipment.

Environmental Considerations: Electric dredgers are often preferred for their environmental benefits, as they produce fewer emissions compared to diesel-powered dredgers.

Applications: Electric submersible dredgers are suitable for areas where access to electric power is available, such as harbors or locations near shorelines with power infrastructure.


1Dredger body size (L*W*H)m5.5×1.2×1.2

(2 PCS)


(2 PCS)


(2 PCS)


(2 PCS)

2Pump powerKW11~15 22~37 45~75 90~132
3Pump sizeinch 4/6 4/6 4/6/8 6/8/10
4Pump flow capacitycbm/hr 50~150 75~300 100~600 200~1250
5Max. passing gravel diametermm 21 45 36 56
6 Max. dredging depth m 25 25 25 25
7Max.Discharge distance m 300 600 900 1100
8Discharge pipe diameterinch 4/6 4/6 4/6/8 6/8/10
 9 General control Box (optional) KW 15-22 30-45 55-90 110-160
 10 Generator (optional) KW3045-7590-150120-320
11Other configurationOperation room, Electric hoist, cable roller, winder, anchor, shelter, etc
12Cable lengthCustomize according to requestment
13Power SupplyGenerator
12Remark1. Hydraulic system pump is available.
2. Generator power is affected by control box start way.
3.  Max 3 pieces of extra agitator can be added.
4. Above data could be adjusted and customized according to your specific requirements.

Hydraulic Submersible Dredger

Hydrulic Submersible Dredger

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Operation: This type of dredger typically operates using hydraulic power. It often consists of a pump, suction head, and hydraulic power pack.

Suction: The dredger uses suction to draw in sediment and materials from the seabed or riverbed.

Power Source: Hydraulic dredgers are powered by hydraulic systems that are either driven by an external power source (like a hydraulic power pack on a vessel) or integrated within the dredging equipment itself.

Applications: Hydraulic dredgers are effective for removing loose sediment, sand, and silt from underwater locations. They can be used in various marine and freshwater environments.

Structure of the Submersible Dredger:

Hull Design: The dredger’s hull is thoughtfully designed for underwater movement and operation. It includes watertight compartments to ensure buoyancy and stability.

Mobility System: The dredger can move forward, backward, left, and right through winches, and can also be equipped with propellers or thrusters. Lifting System: The sand pump is raised and lowered through a hoisting mechanism.

Pumping System: An electric or hydraulic submersible dredge pump operates on the principle of the impeller’s rotation creating a vacuum. Through the suction inlet, it draws water and sediment from the seabed.

Cutter Mechanism: The cutter is positioned near the suction inlet and consists of rotating blades that break down compacted sediment and debris on the seabed, facilitating easier material extraction by the pump.

Power System: A generator directly powers an electric pump, while a generator or diesel engine drives a hydraulic pump to power the dredge pump. Control System: It manages the operation of both the pump and the vessel.

Suction and Excavation: As the submersible dredger descends to the seabed, the cutter mechanism releases sediment. Simultaneously, the pump’s rotation generates a vacuum, drawing in a mixture of water and sediment.

Underwater Conveyance: Sediment is transported from the pump’s outlet through a flexible hose to the water’s surface. The pipeline’s design ensures it can withstand the wear caused by sediment.

Transport to the Land: The pump’s suction propels the mixture through the floating hose to the land.

Separation and Disposal: At the surface, a sedimentation tank or other separation techniques are employed to separate the mixture into water and sediment. The sediment settles, allowing clean water to be returned to the water body, while the sediment is properly managed or reused.

Tsubmersible dredger represents a sophisticated solution for underwater sediment removal. Its specialized structure, operational systems, and engineered pipeline facilitate efficient dredging operations below the water’s surface. Understanding its configuration and operation provides insight into the intricacies of underwater excavation processes, essential for maintaining waterways, infrastructure, and ecosystems.

Key Differences:

  • Power Source: The primary difference between the two types lies in their power sources. Hydraulic dredgers use hydraulic systems, whereas electric dredgers are powered by electricity.
  • Environmental Impact: Electric submersible dredgers are generally considered more environmentally friendly due to lower emissions and noise pollution compared to hydraulic or diesel-powered dredgers.
  • Operational Range: Hydraulic dredgers can operate independently of nearby power sources but require hydraulic power packs. Electric dredgers must be connected to a power source via a cable, limiting their operational range.

Both hydraulic and electric submersible dredgers serve essential roles in dredging operations, offering efficient solutions for maintaining waterways, ports, and other aquatic environments. The choice between these dredger types depends on factors such as the specific dredging requirements, environmental considerations, and availability of power sources at the dredging site.

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