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We are a manufacturer specializing in submersible sand pump production, offering a range of electric and hydraulic submersible sand pumps. Our products find extensive applications in various sectors, including riverbed dredging, offshore sand extraction, tailings management, and mining operations.

Our electric submersible sand pumps are designed with efficiency and versatility in mind. They are ideal for extracting sand and sediments from rivers and lakes, making them crucial equipment for maintaining waterways, managing sediment build-up, and supporting various environmental projects.

On the other hand, our hydraulic submersible sand pumps are perfect for more demanding applications. These pumps can handle the challenges posed by offshore and deep-sea sand extraction projects, as well as mining operations where efficient sand and mineral extraction is essential.

What sets us apart is our commitment to quality and performance. Our submersible sand pumps are built to withstand harsh underwater conditions, ensuring durability and reliability. We understand the importance of efficient sand extraction in maintaining water resources, protecting the environment, and supporting the mining industry. Therefore, we continually innovate and improve our products to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

With our extensive experience and dedication to excellence, we have earned a reputation as a trusted partner for clients seeking top-quality submersible sand pumps. Whether you are involved in riverbed maintenance, offshore sand extraction, tailings disposal, or mineral mining, we have the solutions you need to ensure the success of your projects.


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Types of Submersible Sand Pump

submersible sand dredging pump

Electric Submersible Sand Dredging Pump

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electric submersible dredge pump with cutter head

Electric Submersible Dredge Pump with Cutter Head

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Heavy Duty Hydraulic Submersible Dredge Pump

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Hydraulic Submersible Sand Pump

Hydaulic Submersible Sand Pump

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hydraulic submersible dredge pump with cutter head

Hydrailc Submersible Dredge Pump with Cutter Head

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Amphibious Excavator Mounted Hydrailc Dredge Pump Attachment

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Submersible Agitator Sand Pump

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Heavy Duty Submersible Dredge Pump

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Hydraulic Power Pack

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Horizontal sand pump

Horizontal sand pump can be powered by either an electric motor or a diesel engine. It finds wide-ranging applications in various industries, including sand dredging operations on ships, land-based sand transportation, sand booster systems, and the extraction and discharge of river sand, sea sand, tailings, and mineral sand.

  1. Marine Sand Dredging: Horizontal sand pumps are commonly used in sand dredging operations on ships and other marine vessels. They play a crucial role in extracting sand from riverbeds, seabeds, and other underwater sources. The powerful pump is driven by either an electric motor or a diesel engine to efficiently remove sand and other sediments from the water.

  2. Land-Based Sand Transport: These pumps are not limited to marine applications and are equally important for land-based sand transport. They can be utilized to move sand from one location to another, such as construction sites, mining operations, or industrial facilities. The choice between electric or diesel power allows for flexibility in various working environments.

  3. Sand Booster Systems: Sand booster systems are required to transport sand over long distances or to overcome elevation differences. Horizontal sand pumps are a key component in these systems. They provide the necessary pressure and flow rate to move sand efficiently, ensuring a continuous supply of sand where it’s needed.

  4. Diverse Sand Types: These pumps are versatile and can handle various types of sand, including river sand, sea sand, tailings, and mining sand. This adaptability makes them invaluable in the mining and construction sectors, as they can effectively extract and transport different types of sand and sediments.


Horizontal sand dredge pumps are essential equipment for a wide range of applications, both on land and at sea. They can be powered by either electric motors or diesel engines, offering the flexibility to operate in diverse environments. Their ability to handle various types of sand makes them indispensable for industries that rely on efficient sand extraction and transport processes.

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Sand Dredge Pump Application

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Everflowing Pumps is a leading dredging and mining machine manufacturer .we focus on sand dredge pump,slurry pump,water pump,excavating,dredging and mining machine.We design and supply practical solutions according to customers’ technical requirements and work sites.Our products enjoy good popularity and have such features as exquisite workmanship, reliable performance and excellent quality.

Our products enjoy good popularity everywhere and have such features as exquisite workmanship, reliable performance and excellent quality. Our products are popular in domestic and overseas markets and are exported to America, Russian, Ukraine, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Nigeria and other countries and regions. We have gained trust and good recognition from our customers.

We always focus on our customers’ needs and always improve and update our products to meet customers’ requests and the local terrain environments, such as making and designing new model products. We are fully committed to perfect and unique products, consummate customer services and the reputed commercial credit of satisfying customers unremittingly.

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Everflowing is a trusted manufacturer of submersible dredge pump with years of experience in creating high-quality dredging solutions for various solid. It specializes in manufacturing high-quality custom submersible slurry pump to cover various needs of customers. Here are your custom selections:

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1. Product selection, program design

According to the project, select the appropriate products and design the construction program

2. Customized personalized products.

3. Technical service

Real-time online support including email, chat to assist in responding to customer queries.

4. Installation and commissioning services can be provided for some products as needed.

5. Long-term provision of accessories, technical support.

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A dredge pump is a type of pump used to extract material, typically sediment or debris, from the bottom of a body of water or other shallow waterway. Dredge pumps are commonly used in dredging operations, which involve the removal of material from the bottom of rivers, harbors, and other bodies of water to improve navigation or to extract valuable resources such as minerals or oil.

Dredge pumps typically use centrifugal force to move water and the sediment or debris that it contains. They are designed to handle high volumes of water and solids, and they are often equipped with heavy-duty impellers and wear-resistant materials to withstand the harsh conditions of dredging operations.

Dredge pumps come in a variety of sizes and configurations depending on the specific requirements of the dredging operation. Some pumps are mounted on barges or other vessels, while others are portable and can be moved from one location to another.

A dredge pump is a type of pump used in dredging operations to remove material such as sediment, sand, and other debris from the bottom of bodies of water like rivers, lakes, and oceans.

The dredge pump works by creating suction or using an impeller to move water and sediment from the bottom of the water body into a pipeline or other container. The material can then be transported to a different location or disposed of as needed.

Dredge pumps come in various sizes and types, depending on the size and nature of the material being dredged, as well as the distance it needs to be transported. They can be powered by electricity, diesel engines, or hydraulic systems, and can be mounted on a variety of vessels such as barges, dredgers, or excavators.

Overall, dredge pumps are an essential component of many dredging operations, and they help to keep waterways clear and navigable, support marine construction projects, and protect coastal communities from erosion and flooding.

A dredge pump is a type of centrifugal pump used to transport sand, mud, and other solids in mining, construction, and environmental applications. The pump works by converting mechanical energy from a motor or engine into fluid energy, which moves the dredged material through a pipeline or hose.

The dredge pump consists of an impeller, volute casing, and suction inlet. The impeller is a rotating component with curved blades that spin inside the volute casing, which is a stationary housing that directs the flow of fluid. The suction inlet is a port where the material enters the pump.

When the impeller rotates, it creates a centrifugal force that moves the fluid and solids outward from the center of the impeller. This force creates a low-pressure zone in the center of the impeller, which draws the material into the pump through the suction inlet. As the material enters the pump, it is mixed with the fluid and moved towards the volute casing.

Once the material reaches the volute casing, the fluid and solids are directed towards the discharge outlet, where they exit the pump and are transported through the pipeline or hose. The discharge pressure of the pump depends on the design of the impeller and volute casing, as well as the speed of the motor or engine driving the pump.

The distance that a dredge pump can transport sand depends on several key factors. Here are some important considerations:

Dredging Depth: Dredging depth refers to the depth at which the pump extracts sand from the surface to the seabed.

Sand Characteristics: The nature of the sand being dredged is crucial. Depending on the particle diameter and density of the sand, finer sand may be pumped over longer distances compared to coarse or heavy sand.

Sediment Concentration: The concentration of sand and sediment in the water will affect the pump’s transport distance.

Altitude Changes: Significant changes in altitude along the transportation route can impact the pump’s transport distance. For example, pumping sand uphill requires more energy and may limit the distance.

Pipe Diameter and Material: Different pipe materials and diameters used for transportation result in varying friction and resistance, affecting the transport distance.

Dredge Pump Type: The type of dredge pump used plays a crucial role in determining its sand transport distance. High-head dredge pumps can transport sand over longer distances.

Dredge Pump Size and Power: The size and power of the dredge pump also influence its sand transport capacity. Larger, more powerful dredge pumps can transport sand over greater distances.

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