Excavator Dredge Pump Attachment

Hydraulic Sand Dredge Pump for Efficient Dredging

 Innovative Excavator Dredge Pump Attachment: Revolutionizing Dredging Operations

Dredging operations have been conducted using specialized vessels equipped with dredge pumps. However, these vessels often face limitations in accessing confined or shallow areas and incur significant operational costs. The development of the excavator dredge pump attachment represents a paradigm shift in dredging technology, offering a versatile and cost-effective alternative for various dredging applications.

Excavator Mounted Dredge Pumps can be flexible supporting hydraulic stations, excavators, loaders and other equipment to use, to break the power limit, flexible transition, especially in remote areas of construction.

Excavator Mounted Dredge Pumps represent a significant advancement in dredging technology, offering unparalleled efficiency and versatility for projects ranging from small-scale lake dredging to large-scale ocean excavation. By mounting a hydraulic excavator-mounted pump on the end of an excavator boom, users gain the ability to tackle dredging tasks with remarkable speed and precision.

One of the key advantages of this system is its adaptability and ease of use. With minimal modifications required, users can quickly attach the dredge pump to their existing excavator, eliminating the need for specialized equipment and reducing setup time. This means that projects can get underway swiftly, minimizing downtime and accelerating completion times compared to traditional dredging methods.

Moreover, the versatility of excavator-mounted dredge pumps allows for use in a variety of environments, including lakes, ponds, lagoons, and even offshore locations. Whether the task involves clearing sediment from a small body of water or undertaking large-scale excavation in the ocean, this equipment is capable of delivering impressive results.

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Excavator Dredge Pump Attachment Components


Dredge Pump: The heart of the attachment, capable of suctioning and transferring sediment, slurry, and debris.

Boom Mounting Bracket: Securely attaches the dredge pump to the excavator boom, providing stability and support during operation.

Hydraulic Power System: Enables the control and operation of the dredge pump, utilizing the excavator’s hydraulic power.

Hydraulic oil hose:Connecting dredge pump with hydraulic power system.

Discharge Hose: Transport solid from the dredging pump site to dumping site.

Types of Excavator Dredge Pump

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Submersible Dredge Pump

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Hydraulic Submersible Dredge Pump

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Hydraulic Submersible Sand Pump

Hydaulic Submersible Sand Pump

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hydraulic submersible dredge pump with cutter head

Hydrailc Submersible Dredge Pump with Cutter Head

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Hydraulic Power Pack

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Amphibious Excavator Mounted Hydrailc Dredge Pump Attachment

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Working Principle

Excavator dredge pump attachment operates by utilizing the hydraulic system of the excavator to power the dredge pump for operation. Once the excavator is positioned near the dredging site, the bucket is removed and replaced with the dredge pump, which is then submerged into the sediment underwater. Subsequently, material is sucked in by the dredge pump to form slurry, which is then conveyed through discharge pipelines. The mobility and maneuverability of the excavator allow precise control and targeting of dredging operations, even in narrow or hard-to-reach areas.

Main Characteristics

Equipped with a stirring device, the pump prevents clogging and ensures effective mixing of solids with liquids. It can handle solid materials with a maximum particle size of 50mm and achieve a solid-liquid extraction concentration of up to 40%.


The utilization of an excavator dredge pump attachment offers numerous advantages over traditional dredging methods:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Eliminates the need for standalone dredging vessels, reducing capital investment and operational expenses.
  • Versatility: Integrates dredging capabilities with existing excavator machinery, enabling multi-functional use in construction, excavation, and dredging projects.
  • Accessibility: Enables dredging in shallow or confined areas inaccessible to traditional dredging vessels, enhancing operational flexibility.
  • Efficiency: Streamlines dredging operations by leveraging the excavator’s mobility and precision, optimizing productivity and resource utilization.


The excavator dredge pump attachment finds extensive applications across various industries and environments:

Mining: Excavator dredge pumps are vital in the mining industry, facilitating the transportation of abrasive mining slurries containing materials like sand, gravel, and minerals. They ensure efficient operations and contribute to resource extraction processes.

Dredging: In dredging operations,Excavator dredge pumps play a crucial role in removing sediment and debris from water bodies such as rivers, lakes, and harbors. They maintain navigable waterways and aid in environmental preservation.

Construction: Hydraulic slurry pumps are indispensable in construction projects, assisting in tasks like tunneling, foundation excavation, and site dewatering. Their robust design and efficiency contribute to the progress of construction activities.

Wastewater Treatment: Within wastewater treatment plants, Excavator dredge pumpsare essential for pumping sludge and wastewater. Their ability to handle high concentrations of solids ensures effective processing and disposal, promoting environmental sustainability.

hydraulic slurry pump

Everflowing Pumps take pride in offering top-of-the-line excavator-mounted dredge pumps and efficient dredging solutions. Our equipment is specifically designed for use in well-defined sites, where excavators can easily maneuver and detach from the hydraulic power source. This ensures accessibility around critical areas and maximizes productivity, even in challenging environments.

With our excavator-mounted dredge pumps, you can streamline your dredging operations, saving time and resources while achieving exceptional results. Whether you’re a contractor tackling a commercial project or a municipality addressing sediment buildup in a waterway, our innovative dredging solutions are designed to meet your needs with efficiency and reliability. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you optimize your dredging projects with our cutting-edge equipment and expertise.

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Yes, we can provide custom sizes for our excavator dredge pumps. Our team of experts can work closely with customers to determine the appropriate dimensions based on their unique needs.

Yes, we offer different discharge diameter options for our excavator dredge pump from 2-16inch.

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