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River shore sand dredging


The riiver shore sand dredger is a small portable sand suction boat, so you can dredge sand near the river shore. 

made up of one or three pontoons,  gantry frame, winch, sand pump,  water jet pump, main engine, auxiliary engine,suction head, suction pipe, discharge pipe.

Use condition

 The sand suction dredger is working in the river or in the coastal sea.

 If the river sand is very soft and pure, you can select the dedger

How to work? 

First drop the suction head and suction pipe into river bottom and then start engines.

The main engine drives the sand pump and auxiliary engine drives the water jet pump.

Water jet pump can suck water and spray to the river bottom to make sand soft, the sand pump will make sand suck into the sand suction head 

then the sand will be pumped through the sand discharge pipe and discharged to the bank.