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Electric Submersible Pond Dredge Pump
  • Electric Submersible Pond Dredge Pump
  • Electric Submersible Pond Dredge Pump
  • Electric Submersible Pond Dredge Pump
  • Electric Submersible Pond Dredge Pump

    Besides the main impeller, there is the agitation impeller which can agitate the sludge deposited on the water bottom into turbulent flow and pump the sand out.

    Side agitators can be added to increase sand production


    Electric Submersible Pond Dredge Pump 

       Submersible Pond Dredge Pump is a heavy duty, electro-submersible slurry pumps designed to handle a wide range of slurries and abrasive particles in submersible applications in mining and industry.  Electric Submersible Dredge Pump features a rugged construction using the highest quality materials to ensure reliable performance and excellent service life.The high quality electric motors incorporate multiple protection features to detect the ingress of water or excessive temperatures to shut off the pump and prevent damage.


       1.Submersible work without influence of suction head;
       2.No assistant vacuum pump, save invest;
       3.No noise, keep the silence of work station;
       4.With agitator, no need extra stirring devices, more convenience for operating;
       5.It need not build pump house.

       6.Directly work on the surface of slurry, with higher efficiency to deliver slurry.

       7.If the sand is compacted, high pressure gun or excavator can be added to  agitate and increase the medium concentration

    Service conditions Parameter Features
         1.The power source is  three-phase alternating-current supply, and the capacity of the substation transformator is two to three times of the rated capacity of the motor.

    Power source can be ordered to design to match different frequency&voltage of different country/location or under your request.

    2.The temperature of the medium cannot exceed 60 Celsius,If temperature is higher than 60 Celsius,jacket can be added to cooling  by water.The medium does not contain inflammable or explosive gases.

    3.The maximum weight concentration of the solid particles in the medium: the maximum weight concentration of the ash is 45% and the maximum weight concentration of the slag is 60%.

    4.The submerged depth of the unit is not more than 30 meters, and not less than 1 meter.

    5.The unit works in the medium vertically, and the working status is continuous.


    Pumps are available in 77 different models in sizes ranging from 80mm to 400mm (3.15-16 inches) discharge and are capable of flow rates from 23 to 2400 cubic meters per hour (100-10560USGPM) and heads up to 64 meters (210ft).Pumps can pass solids up to 60mm (2.4 inches) in diameter enabling them to transfer dense slurries with large abrasive particles.

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