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Horizontal sludge pump
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High quality horizontal centrifugal sand suction pump is a sand pump  designed for river sand dredging.

The concentration of the conveyed medium is more than 40% and the particle size is up to 50mm.

It is applicable for pumping sand, silt, dredging river ,lake ,channel, exploiting seashore, and pumping tailling slurry,conveying the slurries with solid particles for mine enterprises.

It has been widely used to sand pumping barge and blowing ship for cleaning silt, and used on land for conveying  sand in long distance

Diesel engine or motor driven

sand pump impelller :closed impeller

Diesel sand pump

Large capacity sand pump

Heavy duty sand pump

The sand pump has the characteristics of high hydraulic efficiency, good wear-resisting property, as well as stable performance when conveying the medium with solid particles.


1.Water Inlet Pipe 2.Handhole Cover 3.Front Cover 4.Front Lining Board 5.Pump Shell 6.Impeller 7.Back Lining Board 8.Back Cover

9.Packing Ring 10.Packing 11.Gland Cover 12.Impeller Nut 13.Front Bearing Body 14.Bearing 15.Bearing Cavity Cover 16.Shaft Housing

17.Front Bearing Cavity Cover 18.Pump Shaft 19.Back Bearing Cavity 20.Back Bearing Cavity Cover 21.Pump Coupling 22.Elastic Ring 23.Electric Connector