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Submersible dredger with cutter
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submersible dredger with cutter features

1.Wear parts are all constructed with abrasion resistant materials - chromium alloy; so pumps have better stability & longer service life.

2.Unique mechanical seal device can prevent the electric motor from high pressure water and impurities; thus high suction efficiency can be ensured.

3.In addition to the main impeller and agitation impeller ,cutter heads are equipped to help break and mix the sludge.

4.Easy installation, operation and cost saving, since no additional vacuum pump or pump house is needed.

5.Professional technology support is provided during the whole process of the usage and maintenance

submersible dredger features small and exquisite, bigger flow, long-distance deliver,simple operation, detachable

submersible dredger application

Pumping tailing slurry for industrial and mining organizations, clearing silt in sedimentation basin, pumping silty sand or fine sand for seashore or port, pumping powdery iron ore for foreign countries, etc. The overflowing parts adopt wear-resistant alloy material and have long service life. In suitable construction environment, the mating is simple and convenient in operation and application. If the sand is large, high pressure gun can be added to increase the medium concentration.
submersible dredger work condition

(1).Power sources: generator (2).The medium temperature should not exceed 60 ,medium don't contain flammable and explosive gas .
(3).Solid granule max. thickness in medium: grey sediment for 45% ,mineral sediment for 60%.
(4).Motor and pump max. dive depth should not exceed 30M ,min. dive depth should not exceed 1M.
(5).The best motor and pump is vertical ,operate method is continuous operation.

submersible dredger work operation

1. select the location of working site → fixed the dredger by anchor→  connect the

discharging sand pipe→start the Generator set to provide electric →start the electric block to put the submersible sand pump under the water level→start the submersible sand pump to pumping out the clean water for 2 minutes→start the electric block to put the submersible sand pump in the working

site→start the submersible sand pump to pumping sand

1)Effect of side anchor and back anchor:Throw the anchor to the distant place with hand→ adjust the steel wire of winch with hands →fixing the dredger and moving dredger left and right.

2)Effect of electric block:steel wire of electric block holds the submersible sand pump up and down.

3)Effect of JT series cable drum:holds the cable of submersible sand pump up and down.

4)Effect of control panel:control the all the electric of dredger.