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Large flow wear resistant sand dredge pump
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    • Specifications

    1.the  Dual-purpose sand dredge pump series is energy efficient, single-stage, single-use, cantilevered pump, for pumping contain particles of abrasive or corrosive slurry, which is widely used in the power, mining, metallurgy, coal, building materials, chemicals, food, water and sewage treatment industries
    2.According as your slurry transportation Physics (particle composition, size, shape, hardness, strength) and chemical (acid, Base oil) characteristic, it will select material of flowing part. Users should be set loan note for the use of appropriate materials
    3.Pump drive include direct and belt in two forms. Direction from the motor to see, it is for the clockwise direction of rotation.
    Structure Feature:

    1.The pump body adopts a two-layer metal structure with an inner layer and an outer layer; the pump shell is vertically opened in the middle; and the water outlets are rotationally installed at 45 degree at intervals. ; the fittings are convenient to replace;
    2. The overflowing parts adopt high wear-resistant Cr26 alloy material and have long service life;
    3.The auxiliary impeller and packing combined seal mode is adopted and is convenient and durable,  the water effect is better if filling material is added.
    4.The pump adopts closed impeller, so the pump has good wear resistance and high pump efficiency.
    5.The pump can convey mixture containing few big particles through adjusting the blade number and the impeller diameter
    Structural Drawing

    1.Shaft Joint 2.Shaft 3.Bearing Housing 4.Disassembly Ring 5.Auxiliary Impeller 6.Back Guard Plate 7.Worm Shell 8.Impeller

    9.Front Guard Plate 10.Front Pump Shell 11.Back Pump Shell 12.Packing Box 13.Water-Sealing Ring 14..Pedestal 15.Bracket 16.Adjusting Screw