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How does the auto sand suction hopper dredger work in the river?
The river sand auto suction hopper dredger/transporter, how to work?
Sand suction transporter is made up of sand suction transporter and small sand dredger. It can not only dredge sand in the river, but also can load sand to the river shore.
1. check all the engines and machines.
2. start the propeller engine, leave the river shore and go to the dredging site.
3. close the propeller, and start the pump engines
4. operate the winch to ajust the sucker
5. suck sand. half an hour later, the sand cabin will be full.
6. lift the suck, close the pump engines, and start the propeller
7. operate the propeller, go back to the river shore
8. stop the dredger and operate the reducer to open the sand cabin door to make the sand drop down to the river, after all the sand dumps, close the cabin door.
9. start the propeller engine and go back to the dredging site again.
10. use the shore discharge dredger to suck and discharge sand to the shore.